Breakfast of Champs

Today I’m starting my day out with a delicious 24 oz styrofoam cup of berry flavored barium. If you’ve never tried it, I hope you never have to. It’s nice, chalky texture leaves a beautiful white film all around your mouth and tongue and has you burping up the berry flavoring for hours. 

After you chug it down, you then have to take X-rays of your stomach and small intestines every 15 minutes until it reaches your large intestine. This will help the doctor determine whether you do or do not have Crohn’s disease. This is simply a precaution before I go ahead with surgery as the surgery is not recommended for patients with Crohn’s disease. 

The next and final test I have is a blood test. My GI says it’s a little outdated but apparently it also helps determine whether a patient has Crohn’s or Colitis. 

After I “pass” these, I’m good to go for surgery in November. Lucky me! 

And I’m off for another X-ray!




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