I was just surprised with a phone call from my surgeons office. It looks like they no longer have November 14th available to them at the hospital so they need to move my surgery up a week. This will be good for a few reasons. It will bring me one week further from Thanksgiving/my husband’s birthday so that maybe I can function a little better, and one extra week to recover before Christmas time. Also, one less week to drive myself crazy thinking about this surgery.

I’ve been obsessively thinking about what’s to come and mentally preparing myself. I’ve also become obsessed with organizing my house before surgery for some odd reason. I swear I need xanax or something. I’m a hot mess. My OB who prescribed me Lexapro for anxiety and PMDD (essentially extreme PMS), told me to up my dosage as she’s concerned about my anxiety level. So today is day one of 20mg instead of 10. We will monitor that for 2 weeks and make adjustments accordingly. I’m hoping it helps.

Tomorrow I have a barium X-ray test just to ensure that I don’t have any disease in my upper GI tract. If I do, that would indicate Crohn’s disease which this surgery is not a good treatment for.  I have had this test once before about 13 years ago and it was awful. I had to drink this chalky substance (barium) which made me gag and almost vomit and then they put me on the table and flipped me around while they took the pictures. You’d think that with all the advancements in medicine they’d revamp the way they do these tests. I’ve heard they now flavor the barium but something in me is telling me that it’s going to make it worse, if that’s at all possible.

I am thankful though that my surgeon did not order an anal muscle test. I’ve heard that it’s common for surgeons to order that test before performing the JPouch surgery on a patient. Although mine did give me a rectal exam, he said he doesn’t feel the test is necessary for me. So, I’ve got that going for me.

I know you’re jealous of my glamorous life. It’s hard being this special but someone’s gotta do it.




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